EFEE’s network of professionals includes industry experts, corporate colleagues and advisors. Members have the ability to network, learn and influence the future of the industry by participating in Committee functions. 

The following Committees meet in conjunction with the spring and autumn council meetings; 


The Shotfiring Committee is a standing committee covering the aims of the Federation in area of promotion of standardization and harmonization of explosives training in Europe and in promotion of explosives technology in all fields related this technology.

Chairman: Robert Laszlo, Romania


The Conference Committee is focused on the aim of the Federation for organizing and conducting of conferences and special events. It’s intention is to present quality information to participants in a setting common for similar events.

Chairman: Igor Kopal, Slovakia


The Newsletter Committee oversees the creation of the digital web magazine. It is tasked with maintaining a high quality and unified Newsletter and works with contributors and advertisers.

Chairman: Mathias Jern, Sweden

Membership and Marketing

The Marketing and Membership Committee has been developed to handle public relations and media work based on the Federations strategy to develop EFEE marketing and membership.

Chairman: Jari Honkanen, Finland


The Environmental Committee is a standing committee covering the aims of the Federation in promoting safety, health and environment in the field of explosives technology. As well as fostering the image of the profession and ensuring good relations and cooperation with related associations.

*Presently the environmental committee contains three (3) sub-committees

Chairman: Johan Finsteen Gjødvad, Denmark

*Comparison of vibration monitoring connected to the use of explosives

For some time it has been commonly known that environmental monitoring and legislation, particularly vibration monitoring during blasting has big differences between required limits in national legislation, standards, or guidelines. EFEE has launched a project clarifying this difference in European and other international standards.

Chairman: Mathias Jern, Sweden & Johan Finsteen Gjødvad, Denmark


The environment is a key focus for EFEE. EFEE has undertaken the task to establish a forum where CO2 emissions connected to the use of explosives can be discussed.

Chairman: Ricardo Chavez, France

*Incident reporting

Health and safety is paramount for blasters and their surroundings and a priority for EFEE. This project aims to register incidents relating to working with explosives to ensure awareness of health and safety.

Chairman: Espen Hugaas, Norway


The EU Directives Committee is a standing committee covering the aims of the Federation in area of contacts and cooperation with EU bodies and cooperation with related associations, organizations and bodies. Collecting new information related to prospective new EU directives and legislation.

Chairman: Jörg Rennert, Germany


The Election Committee is in place to prepare and control the elections in the AGM.

Chairman: Igor Kopal, Slovakia

Finance and Audit

The Finance and Audit Committee is a standing committee for the general operation of EFEE in area of Finance and Audit. 

Chairman: Donald Jonson, Sweden


A standing committee for the general operation of EFEE in the area of updating the Constitution and Bylaws

Chairman: Mark Hatt, UK