Raimo Vuolio was born on 9th September 1936 and passed away 16th June 2023 at the age of 86. He studied metallurgy and mining in Helsinki University of Technology, in 1964 (MSc.). In 1965 he got his master shotfirer licence.  He followed his education path with Helsinki University of Technology in 1978 (LicSc.) and in 1990 (DSc.). From 1964 until 1970 Raimo worked as a Supervisor of explosives and later as a Blasting consultant. His employment continued with the company OY FINNROCK AB in 1970, when the company was founded. From 1970 until 1974 his position was Technical Manager and from 1974 until 2001 Managing Director. He was focused on two main business areas – Blast Design and Blasting Consulting. During his years in Finnrock, Raimo, was involved in most urban area blasting projects in Finland. Some examples of very challenging urban area projects where Raimo has been involved during his employment in FINNROCK:

From 2002, after retirement from FINNROCK, his business career continued in KALLIOTEKNIIKKA CONSULTING ENGINEERS OY where he worked as a Special consultant in charge of supervising demanding projects and blast designs. Some examples of very challenging urban area projects where Raimo was involved during his employment in Kalliotekniikka:

Raimo also contributed considerably to many other large projects for example – Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, Vuosaari harbour project Helsinki, Vuoli railway tunnels Helsinki, Helsinki metro tunnels, Länsimetro tunnels and US embassy rock blasting. He has published hundreds of articles in books and papers and also issued textbooks of excavation and blasting. He has lectured in blasting technique in several different technical schools and universities. Raimo was also an examiner of shotfirers authorized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Raimo took part in the founding meeting of EFEE in 1988 and was one of founding members together with Walter Werner. He was the president of EFEE in 1997-1998.