Björn Jonsson went to Bergsskolan in Filipstad, Sweden, in his young years and became a mining engineer.

Björn held a whole host of senior positions within the industry and started his career at Grängesberg (iron ore mines) in 1959 and moved to Liberia in 1960 for Lamco, Liberian American Co, mining project, where Gränges had a joint venture company with Atlas Copco. He stayed in Liberia for four years before he moved back to Sweden and continued in Boliden as a mining engineer. After two years in Boliden he moved back to his hometown Örnsköldsvik and started at Hägglunds & Söner´s mining machine division with a lot of international assignments for a period of nine years.

He then started at Nitro Nobel 1975 where he was marketing manager until he became CEO of Nitro Consult in 1981. He held this position until retirement in 1997.

Within EFEE, Björn was one of the pioneers in the 1980s and sat on the board and was its President between 1993-1994. He was for many years also a member of the Swedish national blasting organization Bergsprängningskommitten and thus represented Sweden in EFEE.