There aren’t many members in our association that actively contributed to the development of the EFEE board for over two decades. One of those members, Heinz Berger, has been a member of the EFEE board since 2002. A milestone in his EFEE career is EFEE presidency which ran from 2003 to 2005 and the successful 3rd EFEE world conference on explosives and blasting in Vienna.

Furthermore Heinz had an instrumental role as the head and chairman of the conference committee and worked towards the worldwide acknowledgement of the EFEE world conferences on explosives and blasting which continue to be successful and growing semi-annual events. The EFEE world conference has established itself as a successful and valuable symposium in explosives and blasting by the combined efforts of the conference committee and Heinz’.

Outside EFEE Heinz was also the President of the Austrian blasting association for more than twenty years during which the number of members in the association increased from 1500 to 7000. Heinz initiated a special insurance agreement for members of the association as well as permission to hold official shot firer education, to mention just a few of his achievements. As President of the Austrian association he had close contact with many international blasting associations and attended almost all of their national conferences.