How to reduce emissions in blasting work | Presentations now available. 

The ‘How to reduce emissions in blasting work’ presentation files from our 12th World Conference are now available beneath the ‘Resources’ section of the website.

How to reduce emissions in blasting work | Presentations

Access is restricted to EFEE members, if you wish to become an EFEE members, please visit:

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World Conferences

We are delighted to announce that the EFEE Council has voted the next series of conference destinations: Further information will follow in due course.

EFEE Harmonization Project / PECCS

For enhancing shot-firer mobility in Europe, EFEE with funding from Erasmus +, has created a universal and highly effective set of training materials leading to an official certification for shot-firers and blast designers on level 4-5 EQF. The   material  is called PECCS  –  Pan-European  Competence  Certificate  for  Shot-firers  and blast  designers. The PECCS training program…