Pan-European Competence Certificate for Shot-firers / Blast Designers | PECCS

For enhancing shot-firer mobility in Europe, EFEE with funding from Erasmus +, has created a universal and highly effective set of training materials leading to an international certification for shot-firers and blast designers on level 4-5 EQF.

The material is called PECCS – Pan-European Competence Certificate for Shot-firers and blast designers. The PECCS training program is established and the accreditation is already recognised in many European countries. With your help we hope to achieve a directive for shot-firer mobility through a more universal  accreditation with harmonised knowledge and greater competence levels in Europe.

Training organisations and educational institutions training and teaching shot-firers and blast designers, can take this opportunity to apply for the use of PECCS materials free of charge by contacting us through the channels shown below: 

Training and educational institutions apply for your free PECCS training materials, write to us at

Further information is also available at

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