Jari has worked for 35 years in the field of rock excavation. 5 years, as a works manager and a shotfirer for a surface drilling and blasting contractor, 10 years for international suppliers of rock excavation and mining equipment Atlas Copco and Sandvik and the last 20 years in vibration and blasting consultation and training. He led Forcit Consulting for 17 years, from a small consulting office to be the leading vibration and blasting consulting group in Northern Europe. Jari currently runs an independent consultancy firm, EXcontrol Oy, focusing on environmental safety in explosives and excavation works.

Within EFEE Jari has been the national Council member since 2010 on behalf of the Infra Contractors Association in Finland. He has been especially active in the Environmental, Shotfirer and Membership & Marketing Committees and is currently the chairman of the Membership and Marketing Committees. He has been a member of EFEE board since 2017 and served as EFEE President during 2018-2020. Jari was responsible for the 10th EFEE Conference held in Helsinki, Finland in 2019.