EFEE was founded in Aachen, Germany on October 20th, 1988, by five countries, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Netherlands and UK.

Those included in the photo, from the left:

  • Roller, Helmut | German Demolition Associate – Chairman of the (Demolition Sector) Blasters 
  • Votg-Sasse, Wilfried | Board of the German Blast Association
  • Groves, Mike | UK 
  • Gizyn, Hans | Switzerland
  • Fardèl, Didier | Switzerland
  • Werner, Walter | President of the German Blast Association, initiator of the meeting and first EFEE President
  • Dell, Christiane | Germany, Secretary of German Blast Association- covered by WW  
  • Peeters, Joepp | Netherlands, later became Secretary of EFEE (in Germany his forename is spelt: Jupp) 
  • Böcking, Karl-Heinz | Germany, Treasurer of German Blast Association
  • Grünfeld, Henk | Netherlands, President of the Dutch Bl. Association  
  • Ebner, Laszlo | Germany 
  • Broadhurst,  Ken | UK, later became the second EFEE President
  • Fink Konrad | Germany  
  • Becker, Kurt | Germany 
  • Witzgall, Wilhelm | Germany
  • Vuolio, Raimo | Finland – although not present for this photograph also took part in the foundation of EFEE

The objectives established at the time still remain:

  • Promotion of standardisation and harmonisation of explosives training in Europe
  • Promotion of explosives technology in all fields related to this technology
  • SHE and Security in the field of explosives technology
  • To foster the image of the profession, as well as good relations and co-operation with related associations
  • Collaboration on regulations for the transport of explosives by road

Through collaboration with National Associations, it is estimated that EFEE reaches some 80,000 shotfirers and has influence over EU directives. 

Be a part of something great. Be a part of EFEE